There are many safety risks on a construction site. These risks can be very different depending on the nature of the site

In that case, what are the rules to be respected on a daily basis to ensure the safety of all the workers involved in a project? And what personal protective equipment is needed to reduce the risk of occupational accidents and illnesses?

What are the safety risks on a construction site?

Between the use of construction machinery, heavy loads, working at heights and exposure to hazardous materials or substances, construction workers are exposed to a wide variety of risks on a daily basis. Les risques peuvent donc être chimiques, physiques ou encore biologiques, et doivent être suivis de près par les responsables du chantier.

A worksite prevention plan is a that sets out all the safety instructions specific to a worksite. It must be drawn up in advance by the SPS coordinator and sets out the preventive measures needed to protect workers. The safety instructions must also be posted on the site.

The safety data sheet (SDS) is an identical document but which lists the chemical risks incurred on a building site. It is mandatory whenever substances or materials hazardous to health or the environment are used and workers handling these substances must be aware of them.

In addition to the workers directly involved in the construction site, there is also a risk for other people outside the site. For this reason, strict regulations must also be developed and enforced to prevent the intrusion of the public into the construction site.

What safety equipment to wear?

Wearing adequate safety equipment (PPE) adapted to the situation greatly limits the risks incurred by workers. These include, in particular :

  • gloves,
  • helmets,
  • shoes,
  • signal waistcoats,
  • masks,
  • hearing protection,
  • glasses.

Rostaing, through its new strategy, has rethought its offer and clearly touches 11 professional universes. Among these universes is Construction (Building with the elements). Because safety on a building site is paramount, we accompany all workers through the various stages of a building site and construction work: from extraction to fitting out.

The recommendation is always made according to the trades, uses, risks and working environments. Rostaing therefore wishes to meet all the needs of the sector with a wide range of products:

  • BACKPROTECT for work in quarries and the transport of bulky and heavy loads. Its reinforcement on the back of the hand protects against shocks and crushing.

What are the safety rules to be respected on a building site?

  • VIBRAPROTECT for the use of vibrating devices such as jackhammers or drills. Ideal for demolition work, the glove is standardised for vibration absorption.

What are the safety rules to be respected on a building site?

  • MACPRO is the ultimate masonry glove. Validated by masons, it is recommended for cladding and heavy work.

What are the safety rules to be respected on a building site?

  • WINTERPRO for work in wet and cold environments (down to -10° C).

What are the safety rules to be respected on a building site?

To find out more about our universes and our different ranges of gloves, do not hesitate to consult our catalogue. If you would like more information about our protective equipment or would like to make an appointment with our experts, please contact us!