The essentials of a company's first aid kit

In France, according to decree no. 2008-244 of 7 March 2008 of the Labour Code, the employer must meet several requirements in terms of the health and safety of its employees.

This is why the presence of a company pharmacy or at least a first aid kit is mandatory. Here is everything you need to know about its contents.

The obligations of companies

Workplaces must be equipped with first aid material adapted to the nature of the risks present.

Of course, the dedicated first aid kit must enable staff to quickly provide first aid in the event of injury.

This is why it must be easily accessible to employees and its location must be known to them.

In France, it is mandatory that a room be dedicated to first aid when the number of employees is at least:

  • 200 persons in industrial establishments
  • 500 persons in other types of establishments

In addition, the room must be sufficiently well equipped to circulate with a stretcher and must include the necessary facilities. It must be marked with signs.

The composition of the kits

No legal text defines a list of compulsory products in a first aid kit. However, two conditions are essential:

  • The equipment must be in good condition;
  • The products must not be out of date.

The occupational physician decides on the composition of the kits as well as the methods of use of the products. In general, these kits include:

  • Skin antiseptic;
  • Sterile compresses;
  • Pre-cut bandages;
  • Plasters;
  • Stretchy bandages;
  • Round-tipped scissors;
  • Splinter forceps;
  • Disposable gloves. 

The following products should also be added for sites involving high-risk positions:

  • Protective finger cots;
  • Eyewash;
  • Severed limb kit (finger or hand);
  • Burn ointment;
  • Haemostatic cotton wool;
  • Contusion ointment;
  • Mouth-to-mouth mask;
  • Survival blanket;
  • Emergency haemostatic cushion.

However, the first aid kit should not contain any medicines.

PPE and protective gloves, a barrier to accidents

A first aid kit is good. But limiting the risk of injury is better.

That is why protective gloves are a real ally in hand protection. The main risks are cuts or burns.

Cut protection

The essentials of a company's first aid kit


The DURANIT-ULTRA glove is part of our innovative DURA3 range.

The glove has an ultra-resistant technological mesh that guarantees maximum cut resistance (cut level F), effortless freedom of movement and an incredible second skin effect. DURANIT-ULTRA is 3 times more durable thanks to its innovative nitrile coating and reinforcement on the first wear area thumb/index.

The essentials of a company's first aid kit


The METALSTRONG model offers maximum resistance to mechanical risks including cuts (EN388/4X44F – ISO1997: 51.8N) thanks to its cowhide leather palm lined with a stainless steel and polyethylene-based technological mesh.

Heat protection

The essentials of a company's first aid kit

The PROSOUD/1 model

The glove is designed for welding operations, but also for metal forming and stamping. It is resistant to contact heat up to 100°C and has a high resistance to molten metal splashes. It also protects against the risk of cuts.

The essentials of a company's first aid kit

The PROTRI-1 model

Designed for the steel industry, foundries and blast furnaces, this glove is recommended for handling parts coming out of the furnace. The glove has a waterproof membrane, resists contact heat of 350°C and is highly resistant to cuts.

The essentials of a company's first aid kit

The PROFUSION-1 model

With the highest levels of performance in heat tests (EN407), the glove is recommended for operations in metallurgy, steelworks, foundries or forges. Designed to withstand the highest temperatures (up to 500°C), its aluminised back also gives it excellent resistance to liquid metal splashes!

Shock protection

The essentials of a company's first aid kit


This glove is developed for road rescue and extrication operations by our firefighters. It is designed to be cut and puncture resistant and has standardised impact and shock resistant palm reinforcements.

Chemical protection

The essentials of a company's first aid kit

The SNITRILE model

Intended for washing or crop treatment operations, this glove is resistant to chemicals, solvents and treatment products (EN 374 standard).

It protects the wearer from the harmful effects of these products such as burns or irritations thanks to its impermeability.

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The essentials of a company's first aid kit

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