By choosing Rostaing, you are sure to have the best experience with your products and our associated services.

The strength behind new solutions, services and innovations, our teams anticipate and meet your requirements, satisfying your needs and celebrating your talents.

We capitalise on our exceptional operational “field” experience in some of the most complex, technical and dangerous sectors. From industry, construction, firefighting, emergency services, the army and the security sector to children’s fun and gardening.

We make over 57,000 visits to our customer businesses and distribution partners every year.


We focus our approach and standards on what our customers need, ensuring user-customer satisfaction for a successful, personalised and lasting experience.

Our sales, technical and management teams are in contact with our customers and users on a daily basis.


We pledge to be the glove brand with over 15 million technical users every day.
We have a responsibility to prevent risk and guarantee comfortprotection and performance.

Our customers and millions of users are our “in situ” client laboratory, stimulating our research and development.
We carefully analyse our customer feedback (RETEX) and continuously aiming for an optimization of solutions (ACS).


We provide a customised service to our business clients, working in synergy with our partner-distributors.

A completely personalised customer service: audit, recommendation, standard-focused environment and legal, ACS, RETEX, tailored approach, merchandising, customer service, logistics, reserve stocks…