What are our innovative textiles for the manufacture of protective gloves?

Our users have understood this: innovation is a historical challenge de notre marque.

As early as the 1960s, Jean Rostaing created the first oil- and water-repellent and heat-resistant leather protective gloves for metalworkers and boilermakers.

At the time, it was a real revolution: at last, protective gloves that were perfectly adapted to the uses of the field

Today, our designers continue to innovate with high-tech and innovative materials

While materials such as leather, natural fibres and synthetic fibres have proven their worth, we want to go beyond the norm to create PPE that performs better than ever. Here is everything you need to know about innovative textiles made in Rostaing.

An innovation-oriented design philosophy

Our mission is to design gloves that are adapted to the uses and risks of the professions we serve.

Because certain applications require highly technical gloves, our designers are often required to manufacture completely new textiles. 

After gathering feedback from the field, we select quality raw materials : cuirs, fils, fibres, tissages, coutures, enduits, enductions, etc. 

Our priority is to find the best assembly to combine maximum protection, dexterity and comfort.

After selecting the most relevant technologies to protect against risk, we validate our compositions through tests carried out for each design.

If the work of creating innovative textiles is also valued at Rostaing, it is because it is the subject of numerous initiatives designed to enhance the value of the made in France textile industry.

Creative and high performance assemblies

At Rostaing, our Research & Development department is in constant research.

This is why we use and transform proven raw materials to combine them with raw materials from high-quality technological and technical partnerships (Kevlar, Dyneema, Porelle, Scotchgard…).

This way of proceeding leads us to operate synergies between our professional technological universes.

This is why our innovative materials can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Technological anti-cutting weaves: our alloys and ergonomic designs based on technical and resistant materials (HPPE, mineral fibres, stainless steel, etc.) allow us to be an expert in cut protection.
  • Airsystem®: this technology allows the fabric to inflate in case of extreme heat (flash-over) and create an airbag for more protection.
  • Undertech®: a textile with high thermal insulation and mechanical resistance.
  • Skinsoft®: a soft, comfortable, breathable and lightweight material. Its resistance to abrasion ensures superior durability to our gloves.
  • Ripstop®: a waterproof, breathable and anti-scratch textile.
  • D3O®: a shock and impact absorbing foam.

Anti-heat, anti-fire, anti-cut, anti-abrasion, grip, resistance, waterproof, etc. Our innovative textiles can be adapted to a wide range of needs and occupational risks.

Protective gloves combining performance and innovation

Here are some examples of protective gloves featuring our technologies.

ATTACK6PEOM-BSC firefighter gloves – AIRSYSTEM®

What are our innovative textiles for the manufacture of protective gloves?

With 9 different materials, including AIRSYSTEM® and UNDERTECH® technologies, our ATTACK6PEOM-BSC is the ultimate firefighting glove.

Our AIRSYSTEM® innovation provides additional heat protection in the event of a flashover. This is because the honeycomb fabric swells at very high temperatures to create a layer of air that provides an additional thermal barrier.

WETCUT03-EVOLUTION cut resistant glove – Anti-cut technological weave

What are our innovative textiles for the manufacture of protective gloves?

The WETCUT03-EVOLUTION  glove model offers good cut protection with its leather artery protector, its SKINSOFT® cowhide back and its high-tenacity polyethylene lining. In addition, it also offers excellent grip in greasy and wet conditions.

Want to know more about our technical product ranges?

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