What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

Did you know that ROSTAING has many years of operational experience in the world of security, safety and surveillance?

Indeed, equipment for the army, the police, the gendarmerie or security agents no longer hold any secrets for us.

For many years, we have been working for these professions of actions to develop new ranges adapted to their uses and always more innovative.

Today, our experts present the tactical range designed and developed by ROSTAING.

What is tactical equipment?

Tactical equipments is the term used to refer to material from the military surplus. It can be military clothing (jackets, trousers, gloves) but also equipment specific to the army such as :

  • Tactical backpacks;
  • Tactical torches; 
  • Tactical pocket knives…

Why “tactical” ? Quite simply because military tactics are a strategy designed to win a battle, a war or to outwit an opponent.

By extension, tactical equipment is a device specially designed to give its wearer an advantage over his opponents.

In fact, tactical equipment must facilitate the mission, movements and operations of those who wear it.

Rostaing’s range of tactical gloves

At ROSTAING, most tactical equipment is not only suitable for the military, but also for the police and the security and surveillance professions.

Intervention gloves: The OPS range

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

A range of 4 tactical gloves designed for all universal interventions

These gloves have maximum cut resistance and allow optimal handling of firearms thanks to the free index finger:

The OPSK, OPSB, OPSK+ and OPSB+ models offer the best cut resistance on the market (EN388 level 4X42F) and excellent dexterity, making them the ultimate universal intervention glove.

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

The OPSB+ and OPSK+ models also feature standardised impact protection on the back of the hand for optimum protection in the field.

All gloves in the OPS range are touch screen compatible with TOUCH technology.

Securing gloves

This category of gloves is not intended for handling weapons like OPS gloves but for security and screening operations.

These references are easily recommended to private security agents as well as to law enforcement officers:

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

  • SCANFORCE: SCANFORCE gloves can detect all types of weapons (handguns, cutter blades or knives, paper clips, etc.) and discreetly signal the presence of a metal object by vibration.

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

Specific gloves

These glove models meet very precise field requirements and specific uses for certain trades:

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

  • SAP: suitable for smooth rope descents, the SAP glove has a high resistance to abrasion and a certain flexibility. In addition, it is equipped with a para-aramid lining, which is perfect for limiting the spread of heat during rubbing.

Ergonomic reinforcements in the thumb/index area provide high braking capacity. It has a waterproof and breathable polyurethane membrane on the back of the hand for optimum comfort.

What is the Rostaing Tactical Offer?

  • SPEEDER1KP : motorbike gloves accredited for optimal protection for road motorcycling. Thanks to the SCOTCHGARD treatment applied to the leather, this model offers good resistance in case of humidity or bad weather. The back of the hand shell provides optimum protection for the metacarpals in the event of a fall, while remaining comfortable thanks to its flexibility.

Do you want to know more about our tactical glove ranges?

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