What standards and certifications govern the private security sector?

In addition to the mandatory approvals issued by the countries’ Ministries of the Interior, the standards and certifications governing private security are of paramount importance. 

They are a guarantee of quality, attesting to optimal internal processes and proving the professionalism of companies in a sector that is still very unequal. While most of them are voluntary, others are required by clients in order to operate.

Choosing standardisation is part of a process of continuous improvement but also of differentiation for the private security industry.

General certifications

Generalist certifications aim to attest to the quality of internal processes.

ISO9001 standard

It is THE international reference for quality management in business-to-business relations.

This standard is not specific to private security and aims to guarantee customer satisfaction with a quality approach including risk analysis processes, cost management, etc.

It is only delivered upon audit.

ISO14001 standard

This standard concerns environmental management, i.e. the measures in place to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

It is issued by MASE committees after an audit by a certified third party.

Certifications related to human surveillance

In France, the standards and certifications relating to guarding mainly guarantee the quality of the services provided to customers.

QUALISECURITE service commitment – « Service provision by private security companies ».

QUALISECURITE ertification concerns security companies. It guarantees the quality of customer relations, customer advice, the commercial proposal and also the means and skills implemented to meet these requirements.

Designed by AFNOR/AFAQ in 2009, this certification is obtained after an audit and costs 3,000 to 5,000 € excluding VAT for 3 to 6 months of in-house work.

NF Service 241 certification – « Service of private prevention and security companies ».

This certification concerns all aspects of the sale of services (customer reception, customer management, commercial offer, staff training) and ensures compliance with the NF X 50 77 standard.  It is an adaptation dof the ISO 9001 quality standard to the private security sector.

The NF X 50-785 standard – « Services of electronic security systems companies »

This standard is aimed at electronic security systems installation companies. It concerns the design, installation and repair of electronic security systems such as intrusion detection alarms, video surveillance, access control, security gates, anti-theft devices, etc.

This certification is also obtained by audit and has several reference systems: APSAD I31 and R31; NF Service / APSAD I81 and R81; NF Service / APSAD I82 and R82; NF Service / APSAD I83 and D83.

The ROSTAING references to adopt to be in the standards


What standards and certifications govern the private security sector?


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What standards and certifications govern the private security sector?


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What standards and certifications govern the private security sector?


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What standards and certifications govern the private security sector?


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