Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING

R&D collaboration, high-tech materials, RETEX approach: since the beginning of ROSTAING, our teams have been working closely with firefighting experts to guarantee safety and reliability.

In 2022, we will continue to offer a range of services specially designed to enable firefighters to work in the best possible conditions.

The firefighting world: a guarantee of innovation for Rostaing

At ROSTAING, the firefighters’ world is made up of high-performance equipment designed for all types of intervention.

In addition to meeting all safety requirements (ISO 13997, ISO 15 383, EN 659), ur references are equipped with advanced technologies such as:

  • AIRSYTEM®: allows for effective protection of the hands and forearms thanks to an innovative textile that inflates with air to provide an additional thermal barrier and limit the risk of burns in the event of a flashover.
  • UNDERTECH®: consists of a combination of technical fabrics guaranteeing thermal insulation and high mechanical resistance.
  • DURA20K®: ensures exceptional glove strength and durability (3x longer wear resistance than the maximum requirement of the standard).
  • THERMASIL®: thanks to a special silicone coating, the glove’s resistance to cutting and abrasion is greatly increased. Its dimensional stability remains unchanged even in extreme heat (up to 500°C).

In addition, our R&D engineers have developed PPE adapted to each type of intervention.

Opting for RESCUE gloves means choosing a particularly high level of quality, durability and dexterity for all your road rescue missions.

Opting for ATTACK6PEO firefighting gloves means choosing a high level of quality and protection adapted to flashovers.

Discover all these models and their specificities:

Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING

Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING

Our cleaning and decontamination services

Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING

ROSTAING will help you find the most suitable customised washing solution for your needs and advise you on the best washing practices to adopt according to your safety, logistics and cost issues.

Primary decontamination

The decontamination process begins at the site of the intervention, once it has been completed. The aim is to leave as much dirt as possible on site:

  1. Brush off any debris on the glove
  2. Aerate or rinse the glove

When returning from the operation, a second cleaning is necessary:

  1. Brush the glove with a sponge and soapy water
  2. Let the glove dry in the open air

Cleaning gloves

After primary decontamination, the gloves can be washed in a washing machine to continue the decontamination process. When washing, it is preferable not to mix soiled items with unsoiled ones.

All our type C products are certified after 1 or 10 washes (check of the maintenance of mechanical and thermal performances according to EN 659 before & after washing).

The washing temperature varies according to the type of product. For more information on the specificities of textile, textile/leather and leather gloves, please contact our experts.

Drying gloves

There are three options for drying your gloves: 

  • Air drying: long and requiring ventilation (spin-drying recommended);
  • Tumble dry: with synthetic or delicate programme (max 60 °C)
  • Drying in a drying locker: after primary decontamination or machine washing, this is an effective and hygienic solution. Indeed, the ozone generated by the cabinet allows a virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal treatment (ROSTAING x Novven partnership for an optimal drying solution)

CO2 decontamination process

We offer a range of products resistant to the supercritical CO2 decontamination process. This treatment is virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal and improves the prevention of risks linked to the toxicity of fumes soaked into PPE by eliminating large contaminating particles: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH).

If you wish to decontaminate your products with a CO2 solution, please contact the sales representative with the sales representative who manages your file for more information.

Our RETEX, reform and after-sales services

Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING

We work alongside you, directly in your barracks and training centres or during technical days, to gather your feedback from the field and your suggestions for the design of ever more effective gloves.

RETEX approach

With the RETEX approach, our team carries out a glove test campaign for each workstation or each application in real conditions.

The feedback from the field is then analysed and assessed by our R&D engineers.

The detailed analysis of the results enables us to validate or make the small adjustments necessary to guarantee the best technical glove solution.

Training in glove reform

ROSTAING also assists you in checking and reforming your gloves. We recommend that you check your firefighting PPE before and after each use. 

In addition, it is important to be aware of how the gloves are worn.

No part of the arm should be exposed and the cuff of the gloves should go over the sleeve of the jacket or the side edge of the glove should go inside the sleeve. 

Scratches and superficial signs of wear on fabrics do not necessarily require reform, but they should attract the attention and vigilance of the user.

What criteria are used to determine the need for reform?

  • Presence of defects such as holes, tears, broken seams.
  • Retraction of fingertips.
  • Appearance of holes in the material – regardless of location and size.
  • Even a small part of the glove is broken.

After Sales Service

We offer an after-sales service for all your comments and questions regarding the quality of our products.

We promise to respond within 24 hours and to deal with any complaints as quickly as possible.

Would you like to know more about our product ranges for fire fighters? Consult our 2022 catalogue to discover all our PPE protective gloves.

To find out more about our services for firefighters or for any other question about our offer and our products, our product engineers are at your disposal:

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