What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

When an accident at work occurs, both the employee and the employer must take certain steps as quickly as possible.

While it is primarily a matter of making the accident site safe and helping the victim, the administrative steps must not be overlooked. What to do and who to notify in the event of an accident at work? What is the procedure in the event of an accident at work? ROSTAING answers. 

What is an accident at work?

An accident at work is a sudden event that occurs during the exercise of professional duties with physical and/or psychological damage. 

To be considered as such, an accident at work must be unexpected and sudden, unlike an occupational disease which occurs over time. The law recognises two conditions for having an accident at work recognised:

  1. To be the victim of a sudden and unforeseen accidental event in the performance of one’s duties, including travel and break times (principle of employer’s responsibility)
  2. Be the victim of an accident that has caused physical and/or psychological damage that has been confirmed by a doctor.

In fact, the accident must be linked to one or more events that occurred under the employer’s authority. It must also be possible to date it with certainty.

However, the qualification of accident at work can be set aside if the accidental event is the consequence of non-work-related events.

What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

The administrative procedures in the event of an accident at work must be followed by the employee victim and the employer.

On the employee’s side

The procedure to follow in the event of an accident at work is simple.First of all, the employer must be informed within 24 hours of the accident (except in cases of force majeure, absolute impossibility or legitimate reason such as hospitalisation).

To have the event recognised as an occupational accident, you must also have your condition and the damage noted by a doctor. The doctor then draws up a medical certificate in duplicate, giving full details of the accident.

He sends the first copy to the Social Security Insurance and gives the second certificate to the employee. He may also issue a certificate of leave from work if necessary and, in the event of an extension, a medical certificate of extension.

After receiving the declaration of accident at work and the medical certificate, the Social Security Insurance has 30 days to decide whether or not the event is work-related, and 2 months in the event of an additional investigation.

On the employer’s side

The employer must declare the accident at work to the employee’s Social Security Insurance within 48 hours (working days), with the possibility of commenting on whether the accident is professional or not. If the procedure to be followed in case of an accident at work is not carried out by the employer, the employee victim can declare it to the Social Security Insurance within 2 years after the event.

Accidents at work are generally covered by the occupational injury and disease insurance.

Rostaing, a defence against hand accidents at work

Did you know that one ⅓ of accidents at work are actually hands accidents

To avoid having to follow a procedure in the event of an accident at work, it is a matter of respecting certain prevention and protection measures such as wearing suitable PPE.

At ROSTAING, we do our utmost to protect the hands of our workers!

Protection against cuts

In 2022, the ROSTAING cut protection range includes more then 40 models that have acquired the highest level of cut protection (F) in the ISO 13997 test.


What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

The BLACKTACTIL range is the first to have obtained level F cut resistance. With maximum cut resistance, the different references in the range are particularly appreciated for their comfort and their second skin effect thanks to the ergonomic technological weave used in their manufacture.


What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

The METALSTRONG model offers optimal resistance to mechanical risks, including cuts (EN388/4X44F – ISO1997: 51.8N), thanks to its cowsplit leather palm lined with a stainless steel and polyethylene-based technological weave.

Protection against heat and burns

PROSOUD/1 model

What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

The glove is designed for welding operations, but also for metal forming and stamping. It is resistant to contact heat up to 100°C and has a high resistance to molten metal splashes. It also protects against the risks of high cuts. Finally, the PROSOUD/1 glove is welder’s standard.

PARA4HEAT+ model

What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

Very comfortable, our PARA4HEAT gloves are designed for the plastics, steel and glass industries. Designed to withstand high temperatures (up to 250°C) and cuts, it also exists in a short version without a cuff.

PROTRI-1 model

What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

The PROTRI-1 is designed for use in the steel industry, foundries and blast furnaces, and is recommended for handling workpieces leaving the furnace. The glove has a waterproof membrane, is resistant to a contact heat of 350°C and is highly resistant to cuts.

Impact protection


What is the procedure in case of an accident at work?

The RESCUEPRO glove has been designed for intensive and sharp work in the world of construction and public works and has the highest levels of mechanical resistance.

This glove is standardised for its protection against shocks and impacts on the back of the hand.

The glove has been developed and tested by the Fire Service for extrication and clearing operations and is a guarantee of performance for all your operations.

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