When prevention starts with the little ones: focus on our new model, LISON

Since its creation, ROSTAING has been committed to raising the awareness of its users on the issues of protection and prevention of accidents to the hand.

Although adults are the first to be concerned, we are also keen to address the youngest, future green fingers or DIY enthusiasts!

Because teaching them the right gestures is essential, we are constantly thinking about new models, always more efficient, but also always more pleasant to wear.

Discover our new product, Lison the Butterfly!

What prevention for children?

As parents, we have always tried to instil good habits in our children from an early age.

Washing their hands well, putting on sun cream, not forgetting to put on a jumper before going out or looking both ways before crossing a pedestrian crossing… These are all reflexes designed to protect them on a daily basis.

To do this, you need patience, a lot of teaching, and the desire to make this reflex part of their habits so that they can do “like the grown-ups” while protecting themselves.

Indeed, children tend to want to do the same activities as their parents, such as small gardening or DIY jobs.

Of course, our children’s gloves are also suitable for activities such as painting, cycling, scootering, or even tree climbing…

At ROSTAING, we are working to ensure that our gloves, which are specially designed for children, are comfortable, very thin and give them great freedom of movement.

This initiative comes from a desire to make children aware of hand protection in order to reduce hand accidents when they are adults.

What is our ZAMIS range?

ROSTAING is the in hand protection for children in France.

Eager to design glove models that are 100% adapted to little hands, we created our ZAMIS children’s range with a panel of mothers and children.

As we designed them, feedback from our budding beta testers helped us improve our initial models with practical additions:

  • A wrist strap to allow children to hang their gloves on their hands so they don’t lose them during outdoor activities.
  • A grippy texture to hold the handlebars of their bike or if they handle gardening tools.

All the models are adapted to girls and boys with colourful and cute visuals so that wearing the glove is above all a pleasure.

Because they are not work gloves, the ZAMIS models do not – fortunately – comply with type 2 or 3 PPE protection standards. This is because toddlers are not supposed to be involved in risky activities.

Thus, children’s gloves are of type 1 protection against minor risks. They can protect against minor impacts and guarantee the same chemical safety as PPE (ISO 21420:2020 standard) with stricter chemical regulations than conventional clothing, which is essential to avoid exposing our children to harmful substances.

All gloves in the ZAMIS range are machine washable and air dry, away from a heat source, for even more durability and less waste!

LISON the butterfly: our latest innovation

When prevention starts with the little ones: focus on our new model, LISON

Comfortable and practical, Lison the Butterfly is suitable for outdoor activities such as gardening and children’s games. The latest addition to the Zamis range promises to delight young and old alike.

Made from 100% recycled polyester knit fabric and equipped with a grippy latex palm for small hands and a wrist strap, this model is available in sizes 4-6 years and 6-8 years.

Where to find Lison the Butterfly?

You should know that our entire ZAMIS range is sold in our specialised partner distribution networks (garden centres, DIY stores, supermarkets) with a whole universe (displays, merchandising) enabling shops to offer a complete and attractive concept.

We suggest associating our pairs of children’s gloves with the shoes (boots and clogs) of our partner, Rouchette, which complement our products (Anabel/Axel/Gaston/Margot models).

To find out more about our range of protective gloves, consult our 2022 catalogue.
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