PERFORAZOR range: optimum protection for razor wire installation

As a manufacturer & designer of technical gloves, the specificity of the application of razor wire caught our attention and our desire for Research & Development.

Indeed, the handling of razor wire presents significant risks, regardless of the area of application.

With this in mind, we have developed the PERFORAZOR range to enable workers to protect themselves from the mechanical risks associated with the use of concertina wire.

What are barbed wires?

Concertina wire (or razor wire) takes its name from the musical instrument of the same name. It is a type of barbed wire with razor blades and is available in large rolls spread out like a concertina.

It is generally used to secure a given area, but can also be used to protect transport fleets, metal, petrol or vehicle storage areas or livestock ponds.

In addition, razor wire is a deterrent to vandalism or malicious acts.

The proof is that concertinas are also favoured for securing military, nuclear and prison sites, but also SEVESO classified sites. 

What are the risks of handling razor wire?

Handling concertina wire and all types of barbed wire in general involves two major mechanical risks:

  • Cut risk: Because barbed wire has a high cut risk, workers’ hands are directly exposed in the absence of optimal protection.
  • Perforation risk: barbed wire spikes can cause punctures in the hands but also on the rest of the body.

To protect against the risk of perforations and cuts, protective gloves and additional PPE such as leggings or an apron should be used.

Rostaing dedicated products

PERFORAZOR range: optimum protection for razor wire installation

In order to meet these specific needs, the ROSTAING teams have developed a complete range of 4 products with our partner RAZOR PRO.


PERFORAZOR range: optimum protection for razor wire installation

RIPDEXG glove has a cuff to protect the forearm.

It perfectly meets the 2 main requirements for handling razor wire, namely cutting (level F with Newton resistance of 62N) and perforation.

This glove also has the maximum performance levels against mechanical risks (EN 388). Finally, thanks to the oil and water-repellent treated leather, the RIPDEXG glove retains its grip in wet or oily environments.


PERFORAZOR range: optimum protection for razor wire installation

The 50 cm long RIPDEX protective sleeve protects the wearer’s entire arm. The cuff is highly resistant to the demands of barbed wire.


PERFORAZOR range: optimum protection for razor wire installation

RIPDEXTAB apron, of the same composition, is ultra-resistant.

It has adjustable straps with 2 velcro fasteners to fit all sizes. In addition, the seams are reinforced for even greater durability.


PERFORAZOR range: optimum protection for razor wire installation

This additional product protects the legs from the risk of cuts and punctures when handling barbed wire.

Like the RIPDEXTAB apron, these ultra-resistant leggings are also reinforced at the seams for greater durability.

We recommend this RIPDEX range for the ENVIRONMENT and SAFETY sectors. In addition, these products can also be used in other areas with high mechanical risks such as metal work.

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