What’s new for Rostaing in 2022?

What's new for Rostaing in 2022?

As 2021 draws to a close, it is time to take stock for ROSTAING. This year was synonymous with strategic changes for our teams.

The challenge was to continue to offer a clear and unique range of products, organised according to usage areas and aimed at both professionals and private individuals.

This change has resulted in an omnichannel distribution strategy to simplify access to our offer for all our reseller partners.

To do this, we have chosen to produce a single catalogue, including all our technical references.

What does the ROSTAING 2022 catalogue have in store for you? What are the new products to come? We’ll let you discover it!

Our 2022 catalogue

For once, a new year means a new catalogue!

And to do things right, we have obviously revised the design and ergonomics of our online version to make it easier to read. Contents, visible tabs, detailed index… Nothing has been left to chance!

Of course, you will find all your favourite references in the catalogue, as our 2022 catalogue is above all a facelift of our field expertise.

In addition to the models that have made ROSTAING a success, you will find all the new products to come in our various ranges of technical gloves.

To discover our 2022 catalogue, click here:

What's new for Rostaing in 2022?

All our new models

For this year 2022, 10 new models which reinforce our offer of technical protective gloves! (To be found on page 3 of the 2022 catalogue)


What's new for Rostaing in 2022?

Developed thanks to the collaboration of 3 winegrowing estates, this pair of gloves has been designed for vineyard work and arboriculture: wood pulling, intensive pruning…

This innovative model has an ultra-resistant ergonomic reinforcement in addition to very good waterproofing.

Moreover, it is perfectly suited to work in a cool environment (0 to 15°C), which is conducive to pruning operations.


What's new for Rostaing in 2022?

Designed for the world of construction and public works, the RESCUEPRO offers the highest levels of mechanical and impact protection (EN388).

Tested (and approved) by a panel of fire fighters, this model offers maximum resistance to cuts, abrasion and puncture.

In addition, we have paid particular attention to the protection against shocks and impacts. Finally, the RESCUEPRO can be used in wet and/or oily environments.


What's new for Rostaing in 2022?

Developed in collaboration with a company specialising in wood processing, the STRONGER is designed for pruning, cutting and abrasive outdoors work.

It has a very high resistance to abrasion and perforation as well as an excellent resistance to cutting. Like our previous models, it can be used in wet and/or oily environments.


What's new for Rostaing in 2022?

Because we also think of the little ones, LISON is the latest addition to our Zamis range!

LISON is a model adapted to outdoor activities in temperate environments, such as gardening and children’s games.

Made of recycled polyester, this model has a grip adapted to small hands and a strap to avoid losing the gloves.


What's new for Rostaing in 2022?

JEAN is our first 100% overcycled model made in France in our Villieu workshop.

A true tribute to the company’s founder, Jean ROSTAING, the JEAN is also made of 1083 organic cotton jeans denim.

From 2022, it will be part of our range of work gloves for gardening.

Would you like to order, become a dealer or receive your ROSTAING 2022 paper catalogue? Let us know at commercial@rostaing.fr.

If you have any other questions about our products, our product engineers are at your disposal: product@rostaing.fr.