Laureate France Relance: reindustrialisation in France

Since September 2020, the French government has launched a historic revival plan with an envelope of nearly 100 billion euros. 

Intended to bring about a lasting recovery of the French economy and create new jobs, the France Relance plan aims to invest in growth areas such as aeronautics, industry and construction. The aim? To ensure a sustainable and secure reindustrialisation of the French economy for the country’s companies. 

Reindustrialisation and France Relance

The France Relance plan aims to transform the economy based on 3 main strategic axes: 

  • The ecological transition – 30 billion €
  • Business competitiveness – 35 billion €
  • Social and territorial cohesion – 35 billion €

Of the €100 billion investment plan, 40% has been financed by European Union funds. It follows on from the plan to support businesses and employees in dealing with the COVID-19 health crisis.

Rostaing and reindustrialisation

Laureate France Relance: reindustrialisation in France

Thanks to the initiatives of the France Relance plan, Rostaing was recently able to acquire two knitting machines in order to develop ever more efficient and innovative products for its customers.

In the coming months, we will intensify our research into technical products for specific professions (police, rescue and military forces, etc.).

In addition, Rostaing intends to become a full player in the reindustrialisation of France. But how? By revitalising the activity of our manufacturing workshop in Villieu-Loyes-Mollon, which houses our head office as well as our Research & Development centre.

Our French workshop is currently used for the manufacture of our 100% French range, the design of our prototypes and the development of all our made-to-measure gloves for disabled workers with their hands.

In addition to this desire to reindustrialise in France as much as possible, we are working very actively on our CSR approach and in particular on the issue of eco-design, the end-of-life of our products and environmental communication.

Finally, within 5 years, we aim to offer a range consisting of 75% of gloves produced less than 2,000 kilometres from the brand’s headquarters. We will give priority to manufacturing our products in our two Moroccan production plants and to French manufacturing.

Laureate France Relance: reindustrialisation in France

Rostaing gloves made in France

Laureate France Relance: reindustrialisation in France

JEAN gloves

Whenever possible, we give priority to the use of off-cuts, recycled or recyclable materials to design our products with a minimalist vision and without compromising on sustainability.

Recently, we collaborated with the Drôme-based company 1083 to manufacture the JEAN model, 100% upcycled gloves made from:

  • Water-repellent leather that resists humidity (re-use of leather scraps tanned in France)..
  • Jeans, in organic cotton, from our collaboration with the Drôme company 1083. The defects being minor and the use of material for a glove being less important than for a pair of jeans, we cut the “right” material between the defects and avoid throwing away defective ones.
  • Scrap fabrics (bias) from our partner AJBIAIS.

Laureate France Relance: reindustrialisation in France


Made from high quality leather scraps, the FRENCHIE gardening glove is also made in France in our workshops in Villieu (Ain).

This eco-responsible approach is reflected in the use of “downgraded” leathers that are too small for other leather industries (furniture, clothing, etc.). It therefore makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste generated.

By using our human resources and our factories in France, the carbon footprint of these gloves manufactured in France is minimised, as is their environmental impact.

These protective gloves, made from high quality leather tanned in France, are flexible for maximum comfort in use.

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