French manufacturing: JEAN, the first 100% upcycled glove

In view of the growing challenges of responsible consumption, we now wish to promote our CSR commitments and show that more sustainable design and manufacturing are possible.

This is why we wanted to come back to these notions in order to present you our latest creation: the JEAN protective glove.

What is upcycling?

You know recycling? Well, here’s an even more powerful and eco-responsible concept: upcycling!

Here, it is also about extending the life cycle of an object by giving it a new life. To do this, we recycle “from the top” by recovering materials or products that we no longer need in order to create objects of superior quality.

In this way, the “upcycled” product is given a high-end value and a purpose that is often far removed from its initial function.

Of course, this approach is in line with a desire for sustainable development and eco-design.

French manufacturing: JEAN, the first 100% upcycled glove

The JEAN gardening & work glove is entirely made of material scraps that we reuse in the design of a glove:

  • Water-repellent leather that resists humidity (re-use of leather scraps tanned in France)
  • Jeans, in organic cotton, from our collaboration with the French company 1083. The defects being minor and the use of material for a glove being less important than for a pair of jeans, we cut the “right” material between the defects and avoid throwing away defective ones.
  • Scrap fabric (bias) from our partner AJBIAIS,

The JEAN glove is a 100% upcycled model. It is therefore part of our range of work gloves for gardening.

The JEAN glove, a tribute to our founder

With our new JEAN model, we wanted to pay tribute to Jean Rostaing, who developed the company’s activity as you know it today: the manufacture of protective gloves.

Fresh out of the Lyon tannery school, Jean Rostaing joined the family business in 1959.

He created the first oil-, water- and heat-resistant leather protective gloves for metal workers and boilermakers. Rostaing went from being a tanner to a manufacturer of protective gloves.

It is therefore in honour of Mr Jean ROSTAING, a passionate innovator, that we have created the JEAN model in Villieu.

French manufacturing: JEAN, the first 100% upcycled glove

Jean Rostaing, Rostaing CEO from 1950 to 2013

Beyond made in France, made in Villieu

Aware of the societal and environmental issues, we want to design and manufacture more and more products in our historic workshop in Villieu, in the Ain region.

The JEAN glove is entirely made in our historical workshop by our colleagues: Anaïs, Maria, Andréa, Graziella, Chantal, Nathalie…

Rediscover also the FRENCHIE glove, created in 2019, a model 100% made in France and eco-designed and 100% leather-based.

French manufacturing: JEAN, the first 100% upcycled glove

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