How to secure, improve or streamline security checks? Discover our innovative technology SCANFORCE

Security checks can be carried out by the police, prison guards (in context) as well as registered private security agents.

These personal detection devices are used to check that an individual is not carrying or concealing dangerous objects that could enable him/her to commit an offence.

In order to ensure the safety of civilians, how can security checks be improved and made more fluid in accordance with the law?

What are the different types of security checks?

Security palpation

This type of control consists of an external search – i.e. above the clothing – for objects dangerous to the safety of persons.

In addition to law enforcement officers, licensed security and surveillance officers can carry out this search. There are three contexts of pat-downs:

  1. Palpation in the event of a terrorist threat: this type of check may be carried out in the event of a high terrorist threat, particularly in the context of the Vigipirate plan. In general, the palpation is carried out at the entrance to a busy building, such as a shopping centre.
  2. Palpation in case of an event: for an event (sporting, cultural, etc.) with more than 300 spectators, a CNAPS-approved officer may carry out a palpation with the person’s consent, which must be carried out by a person of the same sex as the person being checked. This procedure is carried out under the supervision of a judicial police officer (OPJ).
  3. Palpation in police custody: this is carried out in police custody by the police or gendarmerie. This search must be carried out by a person of the same sex as the person being checked.

Body search

Today in France for example, there are several types of body search:

  1. The integral search (strip search) : in this case, the person may have to undress.
    A full-body search is only possible in cases of flagrante delicto, preliminary investigation, rogatory commission or customs fraud investigation. It is only possible if security palpation or electronic detection are not sufficient and must be carried out by a police officer of the same sex as the person.
  2. Body search: this type of search is only possible in the context of police custody following a crime or flagrante delicto. It is carried out when there is a suspicion that illicit objects are hidden inside the body. Only a doctor can carry out this control.
  3. Search in the event of a customs control: if there is a suspicion of transporting narcotics. The search must be carried out by a doctor and with the person’s consent.

Other controls can be carried out in public places with searches of personal effects (hand luggage, wallets, etc) as wellas searches of vehicles. 

Security checks: what measures can be put in place? 

Human teams

Security guards from an approved private company can be employed to provide security at the entrance to shops, public buildings or sporting and cultural events.

They must hold a valid professional security card and not claim to be from the public authorities.

Object and metal detectors

In order to secure access to a place (airports, shopping centres, etc.) it is generally customary to set up:

  • A walk-through object detector: with the intervention of an approved agent who is not part of the public services but of a private security company.
  • A portable metal detector: operated under the same conditions as the walk-through metal detector.


Some PPE can improve and streamline security checks while protecting the wearer.

These include safety shoes, bulletproof and stab-proof waistcoats (depending on the context) and safety gloves with integrated metal detection.

The SCANFORCE range: a real innovation in individual detection

How to secure, improve or streamline security checks? Discover our innovative technology SCANFORCE

The SCANFORCE® range has been developed by ROSTAING to revolutionise security checks.

Thanks to an invisible metal detector directly integrated in the glove or in a bracelet, the user has his hands free to multiply and facilitate the security check.


At a large event, SCANFORCE allows you to control a crowd of 30,000 people in 2 hours with a team of security or stewards without getting their hands full.

In other words, the SCANFORCE range of products allows you to capitalise on high performance and gain in efficiency during all types of controls and filtration.

Thus, SCANFORCE gloves can detect all types of weapons (handguns, cutter blades or knives, paper clips, etc.) and discreetly signal the presence of a metal object by vibration.

The SCANFORCE range encompasses a range of innovative equipment, including the following products: 

How to secure, improve or streamline security checks? Discover our innovative technology SCANFORCE

SCANFORCE-BR: a foolproof metal detector bracelet that can be worn with bare hands or with palpation gloves.

This product is particularly suitable for:

  • police control and intervention operations
  • search, transfer and access operations in prisons
  • access control operations during events.

This wristband is compatible with any glove and can be used in collective equipment.

How to secure, improve or streamline security checks? Discover our innovative technology SCANFORCE

SCANFORCE-BL: detection gloves with cut protection

This glove is mainly intended for:

  • police control and intervention operations by protecting officers from the risk of cuts with a glove compatible with the use of weapons.
  • search, transfer and access operations in prisons by protecting staff from the risk of cuts (cutter blades, etc.) and allowing for precise detection (pinheads, mini mobiles, etc.). The SCANFORCE helps to raise suspicion during controls.

This black glove, sober and discreet, with a second skin effect, is a real safety equipment for your teams.

How to secure, improve or streamline security checks? Discover our innovative technology SCANFORCE
: a scanning and detection assistant with a 2-in-1 function, which can be worn bare-handed or with scanning gloves

This solution is designed for the events sector and can improve the flow of access to events by 20 to 30%. This system allows for palpation contact and therefore a double control with detection.

It is an ambidextrous model particularly suited to collective staffing.

To find out more about our SCANFORCE solution, discover this explanatory video for use in an event environment.

WORDS FROM PRO customers of SCANFORCE metal detecting gloves:

The aesthetics, comfort and operational quality of the Scanforce glove make it a preferred model.

I appreciate the fact that on our sensitive sites, our agents can carry out security checks without being challenged.

Finally, the fact that they can keep their hands free and react in the event of an attack is an undeniable asset.

Mr. Philippe L.Safety & Security Director

The steps taken within the Prison Service confirm the perfect suitability of this range for the security challenges of detention centres.

The use of the Scanforce tool is encouraged for the control of targeted prisoners and visitors, cells and living areas, linen and personal effects.

Mr. J. M.Manager of a Security distribution company

The SCANFORCE gloves were used to control the entrances to this large-scale event.

The use of these gloves by the security company clearly allowed pedestrian access to be made more fluid and ensured that entrances were controlled in this particularly sensitive security context.

The use of the SCANFORCE made the security of this event a success.

Monsieur F. D.Safety Commission of the Grande Armada

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