2021 begins with great changes within Rostaing. A new strategy, a reorganisation of the teams, a completely redesigned catalogue and new models to present to you: this year is off to a flying start!

The 14 universes of Rostaing products

Rostaing’s entire product range is still evolving and improving. Thanks to a complete overhaul of our ranges, our gloves offers for professionals and individuals (DIY) has become clearer for everyone. Our products are now divided into 14 universes: 11 for professionals and 3 for individuals (At Home).

Among the ranges reserved for professionals, you will find:

  1. Protect fauna and flora
  2. Farm the land and feed people
  3. Protect property and people
  4. Rescue
  5. Manage energy
  6. Process metal
  7. Shape glass
  8. Work wood
  9. Process polymers
  10. Build elements
  11. Store, prepare and transport

Each universe includes different sectors, trades and levels of risk. They have been thought out coherently to be as complete and clear as possible.

But there are also models with multiple uses that can be found in different universes. For example, the MACPRO Rostaing glove is present in the Construction (for masonry work), Agri-food (for fishing and fish breeding) and Energy (for operations on distribution networks) sectors.

Three universes are offered for individuals:

  1. Grow, learn and play
  2. Do It Yourself
  3. Live your passion

For adults and children alike, we offer a wide range of gloves adapted to their activities: gardening, DIY, climbing, mountain biking, hunting or even sport and handisport… There’s bound to be a Rostaing glove that suits you!

A complete and updated catalogue

Just like the products ranges organisation, Rostaing 2021 catalogue has been completely redesigned!

With a new layout, more airy and aesthetic, numerous visuals of the products and professionals in activity, the catalogue has been updated and allows you to find at a glance the gloves that are adapted to your situation and activity.

The new catalogue is practical and colourful. Nature and its elements are present on all pages, and all products are presented with technical precisions and details of their composition.

In 2021, Rostaing revolutionises its offer

4 new glove models to discover

To start the year in style, 4 new gloves models will be available in 2021:

  • EUGENE: a children’s glove for mid-season outdoor activities.

In 2021, Rostaing revolutionises its offer

  • MIDSEASON: a glove for all mid-season work in abrasive, cold and wet environments. The MIDSEASON is compatible with touch screens.

In 2021, Rostaing revolutionises its offer

  • DURA3 range

In 2021, Rostaing revolutionises its offer

A range of gloves designed to last. These gloves, provided with an innovative coating technology, are 3 times more durable, comfortable and grippy. The gloves in the DURA3 range are touch screen compatible.

Ideal for abrasive work in oily environments.

  • OPS range

In 2021, Rostaing revolutionises its offer

A range of 4 tactical gloves designed for all universal interventions. These gloves have maximum cut resistance and allow the handling of weapons.

The gloves of the OPS range are compatible with touch screens.

A new strategy that goes along with a new graphic charter

R for Rostaing and Renewal! The Rostaing Group’s new omnicanal strategy has enabled the company’s graphic charter to evolve.

The R becomes the brand image of Rostaing company and is declined to represent each universe of the offer.

The slogan also evolves and becomes “Your future in hand”. A baseline with several meanings mixing CSR, protection of a vulnerable body member and Future.

Sandrine Rostaing’s final word (Sales and Marketing Director)

As part of the reorganisation of Rostaing teams, Sandrine Rostaing has been appointed Sales and Marketing Director and talks about this new strategy.

In 2021, Rostaing revolutionises its offer

What is Rostaing’s new strategy?

The first period of lockdown was profitable for ROSTAING. It enabled us to establish a picture of our operations and to rethink our srategy.

This new strategy is defined according to several key elements:

  • A single offer, a single catalogue, a single price list for all our resellers, whoever the final customer is: professionals and/or private individuals. The aim is to show that Rostaing is the expert in technical protective gloves for all. This offer is highlighted through 11 professional universes grouping together all the primary and secondary sector trades that need to be equipped with PPE and 3 specific universes for work and leisure activities requiring hand protection.
  • An omnichannel distribution strategy that simplifies access to our offer for our reseller partners. We support them by responding perfectly to their needs and by advising them in a very precise manner both on the products and on our sales support services, so that they themselves can satisfy their type of customers. For example, planograms are systematically proposed to retailers in order to have an efficient glove layout.

Moreover, the range of services has been rethought and adapted and is illustrated through 4 major ideas:

  • Continuously improve our products by listening to the field and feedback from users: https://www.rostaing.com/en/retex-feedback/.
  • Manufacture gloves for every hands, small or very large, damaged by life, or sensitive to materials than can cause allergies.
  • Make our products last longer throught the production of washable glove ranges.
  • Find our products everywhere and easily thanks to our Rostaing distributors who promote our brand throughout France and abroad, giving you access to more than 10,000 physical and/or virtual points of sale.

What are the expected results with this new strategy?

We hope to make our gloves known to more end users through the conquest of new universes in which hand protection is essential.

Are you looking for more details about one of our products or would you like to receive the catalogue? Contact us quickly!