The integration of a CSR scale in the design of ROSTAING gloves

In line with a more responsible and sustainable development logic, CSR is a fully integrated strategic axis for us.

With this in mind, we have created a CSR scale to rate and improve the design of our products based on the major principles of eco-design.

What is eco-design?

Eco-design is a manufacturing principle that aims to integrate environmental aspects into the design and development of products.

The concept of eco-design was first regulated internationally in 2002 with the ISO/TR 14062 standard.

Since 2009, a European directive has provided a framework for setting eco-design requirements.

It redefines eco-design as the integration of environmental characteristics into the design of the product, with a view to improving its environmental performance throughout its life cycle.

The “eco-designed product” designation is demanding. Indeed, it obliges companies to provide all the evidence justifying that a product has indeed been designed in an eco-design approach.

The CSR product matrix designed by Rostaing

The integration of a CSR scale in the design of ROSTAING gloves

With a view to eco-design, we have devised an internal CSR qualification matrix for our products.

This internal rating system for our products takes into account the pillars of sustainable development and the principles of eco-design, namely:

  • Environmental issues;
  • Social factors;
  • Economic factors;
  • The product life cycle (raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, use, end of life, recycling, etc).

How do we rate our products? Here is our approach:

  1. Product analysis: we analyse the origin of the raw materials used to make our products. To do this, we have a known and controlled panel of suppliers.
  2. Rating of the manufacturing site: rating based on criteria linked to the distance of the site and its societal certifications.
  3. Optimisation of the production process: manufacturing process, durability of the product, highlighting of solutions related to the product (washable glove, glove sold by hand, recyclable glove, repairable glove, etc.).
  4. Rating of the product’s packaging: we examine the details of the composition of the packaging and the inks used for this packaging.
  5. Comparison of our product with the market offer and user feedback (RETEX) to grade the longevity of our gloves.

In general, our engineers give their scores objectively and critically. This allows us to establish a more relevant state of affairs.

Our matrix aims to:

  • Map our eco-design culture within ROSTAING;
  • Improve our product scores by 10% per year on a given selection;
  • Have a more responsible and sustainable global offer;
  • Make eco-design our priority for the development of our future products.

Rated by our engineers (6/10) the BLUE-ICE model meets several criteria of the matrix:

  • Raw materials: local sourcing which favours the respect of European environmental standards, limits CO2 emissions, wool lining which is a renewable material.
  • Manufacturing: short manufacturing network in Morocco in a CFA accredited site.
  • Use: Washable and durable glove ⇒ waste limitation and longevity.

Eco-design in everyday life at Rostaing

We have made eco-design one of our priorities, particularly in the review of our ranges and the development of new products.

To continue to improve our approach, we are constantly on the lookout for suppliers who prefer to use renewable resources or resources that are exploited in accordance with their renewal rate.

As far as the design of our new products is concerned, CSR aspects are taken into account as soon as the need is defined.

We also optimise our manufacturing processes in order to find fairer and more responsible ways of producing by reducing energy and material consumption.

Lastly, we are constantly thinking about our ability to recycle the product at the end of its life.

Would you like to know more about our eco-design approach?

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