Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING

R&D collaboration, high-tech materials, RETEX approach: since the beginning of ROSTAING, our teams have been working closely with firefighting experts to guarantee safety and reliability. In 2022, we will continue to offer a range of services specially designed to enable firefighters to work in the best possible conditions.


All about PPE in electrostatic zones

In the most dangerous areas, the presence of static electricity must be carefully monitored. Indeed, the formation of electrostatic charges must be carefully monitored to ensure the safety of personnel and the durability of equipment. What PPE should be chosen to protect against electrostatic risks in potentially explosive atmospheres?


What’s new for Rostaing in 2022?

What does the ROSTAING 2022 catalogue have in store for you? What are the new products to come? We’ll let you discover it!


How to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) at work?

In France, 87% of recognised occupational diseases are musculoskeletal disorders. How can MSDs be prevented at work and thus protect employees?

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

Customer experience is more then ever at the centre of our concerns.

In-store, the layout and display of products is a constant challenge for department managers.
Indeed, it is a question of anticipating needs and behaviour of the customer throughout the purchasing process.

How to get his attention? What is the best place for a particular product category? Do they have access to all the information they need to shop with peace of mind?

Faced with a vast and technical offer, the customer does not always know how to find his way around. Here are all our tips for creating winning layouts in your shop!

On staples line effects for a striking visual effect

At ROSTAING we offer 6 conceptual ranges of gloves for self-service (DIY) retailers.

Each of these 6 ranges highlights a wide variety of uses in order to meet the needs of customers, from the most common to the most specific.
In order to present these ranges, we offer colourful and harmonious POS displays, designed to make your shelf more attractive and visible to customers:

  • GARDEN range: This is our most contemporary range, with kraft and nature aesthetics in line with current trends.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

  • ZAMIS range : This children’s range is eye-catching thanks to an eye-catching and tangy designpeps.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

  • 4IN1 range: It allows you to offer gloves with many uses for your undecided customers.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

  • TOUCH range : The Touch concept is ideal for small areas that want to save space, as it mixes the needs of gardening and DIY.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

  • BATIPRO range: The entire BATIPRO range is gathered here and proposed for the most common to the most specific needs for professionals in the building and public works sector for example.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

  • PRONATUR range: This range intended for landscape and agricultural trades is aimed at both private individuals and professionals.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

An integrated shelving service

Because shelf displays is quite an art, we come to you to help you arrange our products.

Our experts are trained to optimise your shop space and implement your selection.

If necessary, they will also be able to provide you with all the information and advice you need to attract your customers and boost your sales. If you need it, they can even simulate your location from A to Z using our Rostaing planogram tool.

The goal? Visualise your future location and save time on your shelf layout.

Attractive cross-selling thanks to our practical and educational POS/IOP solutions

In order to dress the gondolas in your shop, our IOPs are available as kits made up of the following elements:

  • Promotional pediments ;
  • Shelf-stops ;
  • 17 segmentation labels ;
  • Kakemonos with magnetic stem guiding the customer to choose his pair.

All these elements are delivered together to enable you to create visually attractive and consistent layouts.

For your thematic or cross-disciplinary sales, we offer durable and eco-designed wooden displays that are easy to assemble, without nails or screws. Practical to integrate, these displays are mounted on wheels with a storage box.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

You can be sure that the offered natural materials, which are very trendy and warm, will blend in perfectly with the decoration of your shop.

Other temporaries displays can be added:

  • 32 racks totem: for your thematic sales.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

  • Offer tray: to highlight promotions on our models.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

  • Counter box: to highlight a favourite product at the checkout.

How to make winning shelf displays with Rostaing?

With our POS, POS displays and other commercial supports, the success of your layout and presentation is guaranteed!

Would you like to use our new sales supports in your shop?
Contact our team to benefit from our offer and professional advice to help you set up your business.

In 2021, Rostaing revolutionises its offer

2021means changes for Rostaing. A new strategy, the reorganisation of teams, a completely redesigned catalogue and new models.

How can we raise awareness about hand protection from a young age? Focus on the ZAMIS range!

At ROSTAING, we work to ensure that our pairs of gloves specially designed for children are comfortable, very thin and give great freedom of movement.

entretenir ses gants

Guide: How to take care of your gloves and when to change them?

At Rostaing, we manufacture quality, durable gloves that are adapted to the activities and work of each individual. We guarantee their longevity by meeting the most stringent technical requirements in the design of our PPE.


A+A Düsseldorf – 05>08 November 2019

We will be exhibiting at A+A, from 05 to 08 November at Düsseldorf Booth E34, Hall 5. Come and discover our new range of gloves made from our innovative technology which increases our products service life.