PERFORAZOR range: optimum protection for razor wire installation

As a manufacturer & designer of technical gloves, the specificity of the application of razor wire caught our attention and our desire for Research & Development.


CRYO range: an optimum protection against cryogenic cold

Rostaing has always been interested in trades working in specific and sometimes dangerous conditions. Discover our CRYO range, an optimum protection against cryogenic cold. 

entretenir ses gants

Guide: How to take care of your gloves and when to change them?

At Rostaing, we manufacture quality, durable gloves that are adapted to the activities and work of each individual. We guarantee their longevity by meeting the most stringent technical requirements in the design of our PPE.

At the A+A Trade Fair, Spend Less, Protect more your staff

Gloves that last 3 times longer, the most effective anti-cut fibre in the world, technology compatible with touch screens… + 15 other innovations to better protect you!