Learn more about washing PPE and firefighting gloves

While wearing worn or dirty protective clothing is a source of pride for many firefighters, wearing unkempt or poorly maintained equipment is not recommended for the safety of responders.
Here’s why it’s essential to follow the protocols for each type of PPE and how to wash your firefighter gloves.


All you need to know about safety at work

In companies, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the occupational safety of his employees. This involves putting in place the information, prevention, training and protection measures necessary to deal with the various risks involved in each workstation. Here is everything you need to know about safety at work.

How is an accident at work covered while working as a temporary worker?

Without sufficient safety measures and appropriate protection, an accident at work can happen very quickly! In this kind of situation, the worker and the employer must quickly take the necessary steps. But are the administrative steps to be taken the same for an employee and a temporary worker? Here is everything you need to know about the coverage provided for an accident at work in a temporary employment agency.

prévention chez les enfants

When prevention starts with the little ones: focus on our new model, LISON

ROSTAING is committed to raising the awareness of its users about protection and prevention of hand accidents. We are therefore keen to address the youngest, future green fingers or handymen! Discover our new product, Lison the Butterfly!


What are the different hand pathologies?

Because they are often a tool, the hands are often the first line of defence against accidents at work. Pain, clumsiness, stiffness, loss of muscular strength: these symptoms do not deceive. What are the different hand pathologies? How can they be treated and, above all, how can they be prevented? 


How to treat hands damaged by work?

The skin on the hands is very thin, fragile and smooth, which makes it more reactive to external aggressions. Indeed, factors such as cold, wind, humidity, frequent washing or irritating substances can increase the risk of skin dryness or even lesions. This is especially true when the hands are the working tools of an individual, who is then more exposed to these risks.


Fire brigade: discover all the services offered by ROSTAING

R&D collaboration, high-tech materials, RETEX approach: since the beginning of ROSTAING, our teams have been working closely with firefighting experts to guarantee safety and reliability. In 2022, we will continue to offer a range of services specially designed to enable firefighters to work in the best possible conditions.


Construction site accidents: how to avoid them?

In the construction sector, accidents on building sites and at work are frequent and multi-faceted. That is why it is essential to identify the risk factors and define strict safety rules to ensure the safety of workers. Here is everything you need to know to prevent accidents on the construction site.

gants anti coupure rostaing

Anti-cut gloves: Rostaing specialist in high protection

To avoid the risk of a cut on the hand, it is above all a question of adopting the right gestures but also of opting for the right protective equipment. Here is everything you need to know about cut-resistant gloves.

French manufacturing: JEAN, the first 100% upcycled glove

In view of the growing challenges of responsible consumption, we now wish to highlight our CSR commitments and show that more sustainable design and manufacturing are possible. The JEAN glove is the perfect illustration of this.