Bespoke gloves made in France for injured or disabled hands

At ROSTAING, we are committed to protecting all hands: the smallest, the largest, but also those with disabilities.

Every day, we meet hands that have been injured or disabled by life, whether due to carelessness, a faulty machine or other factors beyond our control…

To counter this, we make customised products to help people with disabilities to be able to carry out their professional activity or practice their passion.

Accidental or disabled hands: what are the particularities?

Injured hands

In 2021, according to a national estimate from the White Paper on Hand Surgery, hand and wrist injuries will affect more than 2,1 million people per year. 

Of these 2.1 million individuals, there are almost 129,000 work/travel accidents and 1,999,393 accidents in everyday life the consequences of which can be dramatic. Indeed, some people can be disabled for life.

Because the hand is the part of the body most exposed to mechanical, chemical and thermal risks, etc, it is more easily subject to cuts, crushing or abrasions.

In the best of cases, an operation on the hand is possible, but the individual generally retains some after-effects. In many cases, however, the hand accident is disabling and causes physical incapacity.

Disabled hands

Some people develop diseases or are subject to deformities, sometimes from birth, sometimes as a result of an accident to the hand. There are several categories of diseases:

  • Deformity of the fingers and hands;
  • Infections of the fingers and hands;
  • Nerve compression syndromes;

There are many hand diseases that require medical assistance: carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s disease, de Quervain’s disease or arthritis…

What solutions to facilitate the return to employment of people with disabilities?

Declare yourself a disabled worker

In France the RQTH promotes professional integration for all disabled people.

It is a system that allows people to benefit from integration aids (rehabilitation courses, re-education) but also from specialised facilities and support.

Once the RQTH has been obtained, the applicant is considered a disabled worker.

Obtaining financial aid

As a company, it is possible to apply for financial aid from the Association AGEFIPH.

This aid makes it possible to purchase tailor-made protective solutions for disabled employees, such as personalised protective gloves.

To do this, a prescription must be issued by the occupational physician and the employee must be recognised as a disabled worker in the private sector.

Rostaing: an offer for everyone

Bespoke gloves made in France for injured or disabled hands

The ROSTAING teams are committed to offering each individual a glove that corresponds to his or her needs and the specificities of the hand.

With our EFFICIENT CUSTOMIZER approach, the customisation of each glove is unique and can be adapted to most physical situations.

Each person with a disability must be able to work as efficiently as possible at his or her workstation.

Our manufacturing process takes place in 4 stages:

  1. OBSERVATION: Our field experts assist professionals in setting up the situation, studying the workstation and measuring the hand.
  2. DESIGN: The R&D department teams study and design the custom-made glove based on the information provided. 
  3. PRODUCTION: The glove is manufactured and customised in our workshop in Villieu in the Ain region.
  4. TESTING: The glove is then validated after testing in a real situation. 

Finally, our customers have a perfectly customised glove that fully meets their needs.

With this service, ROSTAING provides an innovative solution that enables many people with hand disabilities to use their abilities and efficiency in their work.

Each year, we study and process more than 50 custom-made glove projects, thus helping as many people to find employment.

Financing for French companies is possible. As our made-to-measure gloves help people to return to work or find a job, they can be financed in whole or in part.

To find out more about our world and our different ranges of gloves, please consult our catalogue.

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