How is an accident at work covered while working as a temporary worker?

Without sufficient safety measures and appropriate protection, an accident at work can happen very quickly! In such a situation, the worker and the employer must take the necessary steps quickly.

Of course, it is a matter of securing the site of the accident to avoid an over-accident, administering first aid to the victim and enabling him or her to be quickly attended to by the emergency services.

But are the administrative steps to be taken the same for an employee and a temporary worker? Here is everything you need to know about the procedures for dealing with an accident at work while working as a temporary worker. 

What is an accident at work?

An accident at work is a sudden event that occurs during the performance of a worker’s duties and results in physical and/or psychological damage.

To be qualified as such, an accident at work must be unforeseen and sudden, unlike an occupational disease, which occurs in the medium and long term

To have an accident at work recognised, the law provides for two conditions : 

  1. To be the victim of a sudden and unexpected accidental event during the performance of one’s professional duties. This includes his or her business travel and break times, which are in principle the responsibility of the employer.
  2. To be the victim of an accident that has caused proven physical and/or psychological damage and has been certified by a doctor. 

Thus, the accident must be linked to one or more events that occurred under the employer’s authority and must be dated accurately.

It should be noted that the qualification of accident at work can be set aside if the accidental event is the consequence of non-work-related facts.

Finally, you should know that an accident at work can concern both an employee and a temporary worker. 

What are the specificities of accidents at work in temporary employment?

When a worker works as a temporary worker, there is a tripartite relationship between him/her, the company employing him/her and the temporary work agency (ETT). In the event of an accident at work while working as a temporary worker, it is their responsibility to take certain steps.

The company

The user company must report the accident at work within 24 hours of the accident to the following contacts:

  • The ETT by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt,
  • The Health Insurance,
  • The labour inspectorate.

The temporary employment agency

The ETT must report the accident within 48 hours of being informed. If the temporary worker is off work for at least 30 days, the agency must arrange for a medical examination when the worker returns to work. 

The temporary worker

The temporary worker must declare his accident at work to the user company within 24 hours by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Of course, the employing ETT must also be notified. Lastly, the employee must fill in an information form prior to the declaration of an accident at work and send it to the ETT and to the Health Insurance. 

Once these steps have been taken, the temporary worker can receive a daily allowance from the health insurance scheme nd additional benefits if he or she has taken out a provident insurance policy.

What protection is needed to prevent accidents at work? 

To avoid having to follow a procedure in the event of an accident at work, certain prevention and protection measures must be respected, such as wearing suitable PPE. 

These PPEs should be the same for employees and temporary workers, without any difference in treatment.

Here are some examples of models specially designed to prevent hand accidents in the workplace. 

DURA3 range

How is an accident at work covered while working as a temporary worker?

The different references in the range are particularly appreciated for their durability and their second skin effect thanks to the ergonomic technological mesh used in their manufacture.

Covering the different levels of cut resistance (A-D-F) and resistant to contact heat at 100°C, the references of the DURA range are intended for the industrial, logistics and construction sectors.

The PROSOUD/1 model

How is an accident at work covered while working as a temporary worker?

The glove is designed for welding operations, but also for metal forming and stamping. It is resistant to contact heat up to 100°C and has a high resistance to molten metal splashes. It also protects against the risks of high cuts. Finally, the PROSOUD/1 glove is welder’s standard.


How is an accident at work covered while working as a temporary worker?

The RESCUEPRO glove has been designed for intensive and sharp work in the world of construction and public works and has the highest levels of mechanical resistance. This glove is standardised for its protection against shocks and impacts on the back of the hand.

Developed and tested by the Fire Brigade for extrication and clearing operations, it is a guarantee of performance for all your operations.

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