Discover all our 2023 new products

2022 was a busy year for the ROSTAING teams (between the complete redesign of our premises and the affirmation of our CSR policy)

and 2023 promises to be even more full of changes…

During the past year, we have had the opportunity to refine our offer and develop new and ever more efficient products for both private and professional customers.

What does ROSTAING have in store for you in 2023 ? What new products are coming up? We’ll let you find out!

Discover our book of new products for 2023

In keeping with our CSR policy, we have decided not to print a new catalogue for the year 2023.

All our emblematic models are in our current catalogue and our 2023 novelties are integrated in a special book or can be presented to you by our field experts.

Discover now our book of Rostaing 2023 novelties: download here.

Our new models of protective gloves


Discover all our 2023 new products

The FULLSENS model is mainly intended for handling fine and very sharp parts, a task that requires a lot of precision.

However, it is also suitable for assembly work with a high risk of cuts, for handling sharp materials (glass, metal, plastic) and for mechanical maintenance work.

Made from an ergonomic 18 gauge knitted technology, FULLSENS gloves offer a very pleasant second skin effect without compromising on resistance.

In fact, this model offers maximum cut protection (level F – 43,9N) even though it is very thin.


Discover all our 2023 new products

The latest addition to the RESCUE range,this model is designed for road rescue operations (extrication, rescue and clearing).

The RESCUESENS is a variant of our previously mentioned FULLSENS innovation for the Fire Service.

Compliant with the requirements of EN388 and EN407 standards, the RESCUESENS is puncture resistant (cut level F – 43.9N) and contact heat resistant.

This glove will provide exceptional dexterity and comfort which will be an ally for firefighters in all their interventions.

Like the other models in the range, RESCUESENS is designed with a bovine leather reinforcement on the palm and thermoplastic reinforcements to absorb shocks on the back.


Discover all our 2023 new products

This model is deployed in our 4EN1 range to satisfy both professionals and individuals in their precision work.

Optimised for maximum sensitivity, the SKINTOUCH-I has a fine knit and unrivalled comfort with its nylon knit and second skin effect.

This multi-purpose glove is also compatible with the use of touch screens to guarantee continuous protection for the wearer.


Discover all our 2023 new products

MECANO is the single-use glove in the Rostaing range that is resistant to chemicals and pesticides.

MECANO is newly certified to ISO 18889:2019 G1 standard.

It also meets the requirements of EN-ISO 374-1:2016 and EN-ISO 374-5 standards for unequalled resistance to chemicals and is very pleasant to wear thanks to its second skin effect.

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