Construction site accidents: how to avoid them?

In the construction sector, accidents on building sites and at work are frequent and multi-faceted. That is why it is essential to identify the risk factors and define strict safety rules to ensure the safety of workers. Here is everything you need to know to prevent accidents on the construction site.

gants anti coupure rostaing

Anti-cut gloves: Rostaing specialist in high protection

To avoid the risk of a cut on the hand, it is above all a question of adopting the right gestures but also of opting for the right protective equipment. Here is everything you need to know about cut-resistant gloves.

French manufacturing: JEAN, the first 100% upcycled glove

In view of the growing challenges of responsible consumption, we now wish to highlight our CSR commitments and show that more sustainable design and manufacturing are possible. The JEAN glove is the perfect illustration of this.